Online registrations for the Monroe Invitational will be processed by our web and media partner, Both exempt, and non-exempt players should fill out an application prior to registering online. Exempt players will be promptly provided an invitation code to complete their registration. Non-exempt players will be notified of their status shortly, and may also enter the qualifier.

A complimentary 30-day membership will be provided so that you can create a player profile and register online. Or you may choose to take advantage of’s offer of a second year of membership free, when you purchase a one year plan. For the many tournament players who are already members of the site, registering will be as easy as logging in and making a payment.



Exempt Players:  Deadline for Exempt registration is May 13th, 2018.

Non-exempt Players:  Non-exempt players are encouraged to apply for entry into the MIC. Historically, 20-30 non-exempt players are issued invitations to the tournament based on their competitive record. Additionally 3-4 players enter the MIC via the Monday qualifier on June 11.

Schedule for players not exempt using the MIC criteria:

  • May 5  – Deadline for receipt of on-line non-exempt applications.
  • May 19   – MIC Selection Committee notifies all players of their status.
  • May 26   – Deadline for receipt of on-line PAYPAL entry fee.
  • June 11    – MIC qualifier for players not selected for direct entry status into the 2018 MIC